Frequently Asked Questions

The Work Injury Legal Team cautions against over-reliance on frequently asked question pages found on the internet. These pages often provide overly general statements of the law or are even misunderstood by lay people when they try to apply these statements to their own circumstances.

Work Injury Legal Team Provides The Individualized Attention You Need To Protect Your Rights

Because the actual application of the law can vary so widely depending on the circumstances of each situation, we recommend instead that you schedule an initial consultation with our experienced team of legal and medical professionals. We can help you begin the process of identifying the right questions that do apply in your situation. Better, we can provide you with the individualized answer you need to make decisions about your future confidently and correctly.

We address a variety of questions for our clients, including:

  • What injuries can be compensated through Workers’ Compensation?
  • What diseases are covered?
  • My injury occurred off-site. Can I still be compensated?
  • I was injured while on the job. What next?
  • What if the insurance company denied my claim?
  • What if I have more questions?

A Call To Work Injury Legal Team Can
Ease Your Mind

If you have questions about your medical treatment after a workplace injury, you can save time and effort, and avoid potential misunderstandings, or refusal of benefits by having our lawyers explain your options to you.

Contact us, and the Work Injury Legal Team will be made available to you for a free, no-obligation consultation. Call us today at 1-800-676-9458.