Can My Employer Tell Me What Doctor To Go To?

Just the idea that you might not be able to see your own doctor after you have been injured at work causes worry to most people in Pennsylvania. Trying to answer this question for yourself often ends in even more worry and frustration because the rules are so confusing. Too often, this confusion stands between injured workers and the medical and legal care they need to heal.

At the Work Injury Legal Team, we remove those obstacles. We do so by providing you with a total solution package that will help access the benefits provided for you by law after you have been injured at work. These benefits include seeing a doctor.

Helping You Get The Legal, Medical And Pharmaceutical Help You Need

Our hand-picked legal team will help you understand how the complicated rules governing Workers’ Compensation apply in your own unique circumstances. To do that, our team works with you personally to ensure that you receive, not just the legal help you need, but the medical and pharmaceutical care you need as well.

For instance, if your employer is pressuring you to return to work before you have fully healed, we can fight that pressure and work to extend your benefits. Also, if your employer’s insurance company is implementing a strict managed care plan that calls for you to receive less medical care than you need, we can fight that, too.

Remember, neither your employer nor its insurance company can substitute for your doctor. Only when you are ready, and your doctor says you are ready, should you return to work. Even then, you may be limited in what you can do.

With our team of work injury attorneys at your back, you will have the strength to push back against unreasonable demands.

Call Us And Ease Your Mind

If you have questions about your medical treatment after a workplace injury, you can save time and effort, and avoid potential misunderstandings, or refusal of benefits by having our lawyers explain your options to you.

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