Workers’ Compensation

After you have been injured at work, Workers Compensation law provides you with access to a number of benefits, medical and financial. Accessing these benefits means you need to go through the Workers’ Compensation process. Because this process is notoriously complicated and frustrating, many injured workers never gain full access to the benefits afforded to them.

Workers’ Compensation: What Is It?

That’s where the Work Injury Legal Team comes in. We have assembled a team of experienced legal and medical providers who work together seamlessly to deliver the assistance you need. A major component of our unique total solution package approach to Workers’ Compensation includes connecting you to a leading provider of pharmaceuticals who is focused on providing innovative approaches to meeting client needs.

Our team has assisted a wide variety of injured workers. These workers’ injuries include some types of injuries many people did not know were covered under the law, injuries including, for instance:

  • Repetitive activities that result in injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries (RSIs)
  • Pre-existing conditions that work activities have made worse such as arthritis and heart disease
  • Occupational diseases such as silicosis (exposure to coal dust) and lung disease (fire fighters)
  • Off-site injuries incurred while you were still on the job

Our attorneys associated with Work Injury Legal Team have been hand-picked based on their ability to deliver services consistent with Work Injury Legal Team’s client-centered total solution package vision. We emphasize communication and accessibility so when clients have questions about this confusing process, we can give them answers. This accessibility becomes particularly important for clients who need reassurance after having already tried to represent themselves, only to find their claims denied.