Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

We have established the Work Injury Legal Team because we know injured workers need legal representation to succeed in the Workers’ Compensation system. We put our clients in contact with experienced lawyers we have hand-picked to serve as members of our team.

We already understand the Workers’ Compensation process and its law, including important deadlines that must be met to preserve your legal options. Our years of experience in these matters also provides us knowledge of details that can make the difference in your case, details the insurance companies and their attorneys also know about and use against you.

Our knowledge of the system enables you to maximize the compensation you receive. We often help our clients avoid the unnecessary delays associated with denials and appeals so they receive their compensation sooner than if they had represented themselves.

Our experience also means we understand the actual people involved in making the Workers’ Compensation system work. We grasp how the various judges view certain matters and how different insurance companies handle their cases.