Wage And Medical Benefits

Too few injured workers throughout Pennsylvania understand that the law provides them with rights and legal options. But the overwhelming burden of medical needs often combine with the intimidating legal system to prevent people from learning what they need to know about the wage and medical benefits available to them under the law.

If you are one of these overwhelmed people, we are proud to offer you a new option. Injured workers throughout Pennsylvania turn to our professionals here at the Work Injury Legal Team. These injured workers know we provide them with a total solution package to address their injury needs medically and legally.

What Benefits Does Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Provide?

Let our roster of hand-picked legal professionals help you understand the many options available to you under Pennsylvania law. These options routinely include:

  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary total disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits
  • Permanent total disability benefits
  • Death benefits

The attorneys working with Work Injury Legal Team have committed themselves to fighting for the full value of your case. Their experience enables them to do so effectively both in and out of court.

Hand-Picked By Work Injury Legal Team To Meet Your Needs

Give yourself the opportunity to heal. Schedule an initial call with our team by contacting us online or by calling 1-800-676-9458.

Let Work Injury Legal Team deal with the legal and medical issues. You will know that we have provided you with a roster of professionals we have hand-picked based on their unique qualifications to deliver the kind of personalized legal service that characterizes Work Injury Legal Team’s services.