The Total Solution

It’s Time To Take Charge

If you get injured at work, it can all be overwhelming.

It’s easy to feel intimidated by the team of experts your employer has whose jobs are to protect the company’s interests in a Workers’ Compensation situation—even at the most progressive organizations that truly value the lives and contributions of their workers. All too often, injured workers feel out-numbered and over-powered by their employers, and make hasty decisions that jeopardize their rights and sacrifice the quality of medical care they receive.

The Total Solution If You’re Injured At Work

Work Injury Legal Team puts the power back into the hands of injured workers, with a dedicated team approach to protecting your rights, and getting you better with:

Unmatched Legal Representation

A seasoned Work Injury Legal Team attorney will protect your rights, and navigate you through our total solution network.

Your dedicated Work Injury Legal Team attorney will lead you through the procedural and legal process of Workers’ Compensation, and tenaciously fight for your rights every step of the way. What’s more, they can advise you with ideas on managing the daily—and emotional—strain of coping with the complications of a work injury, and be your single point-of-contact throughout your case.

Leading Medical And Rehabilitation Care

You’ll have immediate access to the areas leading medical and rehabilitation specialists to help you get better.

Your medical team will provide unmatched expert opinion—and more importantly—provide you with the most advanced treatment available to help you recuperate.

No-Cost Medication Delivered Directly To Your Home Or Office

No-cost, hassle-free medications and supplies delivered directly to you through Work Injury Legal Team’s partnership with Summit Pharmacy Network, one of the country’s leading online pharmaceutical suppliers.