Your Total Workers’ Injury Solution

Designed to give injured workers a total solution to help settle their case, and get back to their lives, Work Injury Legal Team is a network of the most trusted work injury specialists in your area.

Work Injury Legal Team chooses proven attorneys who have long-term relationships with local medical and rehabilitation providers in their area to provide a customized solution to meet their clients’ needs. Your Work Injury Legal Team attorney will:

  • Effectively navigate you through the complexities of resolving a work injury
  • Enthusiastically lead the legal process to protect your rights, and fight for what you are due
  • Connect you with the area’s leading medical and rehabilitation providers who can help recover from your injury

And with our exclusive relationship with Summit Pharmacy, injured workers avoid the expense and hassle of picking up medications and supplies. Instead, these can be delivered directly to your home or office as absolutely no charge!